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Student’s Feedback on International Exchange Week in KU Leuven

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium (KU Leuven) recently hosted an International Exchange Week 2024, an event that brought together students from various institutions to foster academic collaboration and cultural exchange. Among the participants were students from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (FH Dortmund), who took part in the Block Week activities. One of the most exciting events was a board game competition, which was enjoyed by all. A standout participant, a master’s student from the Embedded Systems Engineering Programme at FH Dortmund and a member of the winning board game competition team, shared with us his experience:

“Participating in the BIP Blended Intensive Program on Energy and Personal Mobility in Belgium was an incredible experience. Over the week, I worked with students from different backgrounds, coming from countries like Azerbaijan, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Italy, and more, which brought fresh perspectives to our discussions on sustainable mobility and energy production. Our team collaboration was great, and we bonded quickly, especially during fun social events like the board game evening and Cantus. The seminars from global experts broadened my understanding of energy policies and technologies, and the site visit to the Osterwell project provided insights into the industry. Overall, the program not only enhanced my knowledge but also expanded my professional network with like-minded individuals passionate about sustainability.”