Double Degree Programme KU Leuven – FH Dortmund

Study Programmes:

Master of Electromechanical Engineering Technology (KUL) + 
Master Embedded Systems Engineering (FHDo)

Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology (KUL) + 
Master Embedded Systems Engineering (FHDo)

Master of Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology (KUL) + 
Master Digital Transformation (FHDo)


Katholieke University Leuven (KU Leuven)

Fachhochschule Dortmund (FH Dortmund)


1st year at home university minimum 1 exchange semester jointly supervised Master’s thesis


English (options in Dutch and German)


FH Dortmund: ~300 EUR/semester

KU Leuven:


For KU Leuven students (max. 5 seats): apply at FH Dortmund until June 15 for winter term

For FH Dortmund students (max. 5 seats): apply at KU Leuven until xxx for winter term

Apply latest 2 weeks before university deadline in our admission portal


International students

≈ 7

Events per year

≈ 85%

Theses written with a real company

Programme Information


Requirements for KU Leuven students, who want to study as a degree seeking student at FHDo

KU Leuven students need to:

  • Have finished a recognized Bachelor’s degree with at least 180 ECTS in a subject related to the Master’s programmes with a grade at least equivalent to 2.5 in the German grading system.
  • Prove English language competence at least on a level equivalent to IELTS 6.5 
  • Enrol as a degree seeking student at FHDO until the defence of the Master Thesis.
  • Study and pass the modules at FHDO
  • Have to have successfully defended a Master’s Thesis at KUL which is then submitted as a Research Project Thesis at FHDO, the grade is transferred from KUL, no additional defence is requireded

Requirements for FHDo students, who want to study as a degree seeking student at KUL

FHDo students need to:

  • Have finished the first year with 60 ECTS of their FHDO Master’s programme.
  • Have finished a recognized Bachelor’s degree
  • Prove English language competence at least on a level equivalent to the KU Leuven language requirements for the relevant study programmes
  • Enrol as a degree seeking student at KUL and stay enrolled at FHDO until the defence of the Master’s thesis at FHDO and KUL
  • Study the complete degree programme at KUL according to the requirements of KUL.

At FH Dortmund

There are no tuition fees for the Master Programmes at FH Dortmund

All students at the FH Dortmund just need to pay an affordable semester fee, known as a “Semesterbeitrag”, each semester. You can check the current semester fee on the FH Dortmund official website. A large portion of your semester fee is to cover the cost of your semester ticket – a free pass for the local public transport system. This ticket allows the holder to travel free of charge on all public transport, including buses, underground, tram, and local trains (2nd class) across the whole of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW).

Compared to other German cities, Dortmund is an inexpensive place to live in terms of the costs of accommodation, products, and other costs. This leaves students plenty of time and money to focus on studying and enjoying their new social life. While we encourage students to focus solely on learning during their time here, the size of the city does mean part-time work generally is available and they can earn a small amount per month without it affecting their status. No restrictions apply to students from within the EU, but please check with the International Office for the latest guidance on what is permitted with a student visa.


At KU Leuven:


  • What is the course plan?

You can find the module handbook on the 
Master Embedded Systems Engineering – ESE – course website
Master Digital Transformation – MDT – course website 

  • How do I find accommodation?

FH Dortmund does not own any student accommodation facilities and is unable to offer any accommodation services for its students. Prospective students must find suitable accommodation for the duration of their studies by themselves. Please check the International Office website to find appropriate accommodation or use our informative accommodation website to find a lot of hints and useful links. Accommodation costs for a room in a dormitory or in a small private apartment in Dortmund and its surroundings currently range from around €200 to €500 per month “warm”, which usually excludes internet and electricity, but most often includes heating costs.

Note that rent in Germany is usually discussed in terms of “Kaltmiete” (cold rent) and “Warmmiete” (warm rent). The cold rent covers only the rent for the space – while the warm rent includes both the cold rent and all “Nebenkosten” (ancillary costs). The ancillary costs include things such as the property tax (or “council tax” as it is known in the UK, for example), water supply and sewage disposal, street cleaning and waste disposal, gardening and building maintenance, building lighting, pest control, and various insurances. You will still have to pay for your electricity, telephone, and internet costs. Heating is normally included in the warm rent, but you should clarify what is and isn’t covered when you sign the contract.

Please be alert to potential scams and do not pay any rent or deposits before you have spoken to the landlord, visited the property, and signed the contract. Be especially wary if you are asked to transfer money to an account with a non-German IBAN.

  • Are there any internship opportunities?

Students are welcome to write their Master Thesis while working within a company during an optional internship. Please note that the university does not organise internships for the students. Students must take the initiative to find a suitable internship by themselves.

  • Will the university help me settle in?

All new students are welcome to participate in the introduction week for international Master students – a week at the start of the semester where FH Dortmund organises a range of activities to help students find their way around the university, make new friends, and get to know their new city. We also offer a buddy programme, where new students are partnered with a student in a later semester, who will help them with general questions relating to life at FH Dortmund and their course.

Contact us:

Programme Coordinator:
Jasmin Hemmer