Master in Project Management

The future is projectised: Join the Master in Project Management programme to manage the projects of the future.


Master of Arts (M.A.) issued by UPV/EHU


Bilbao, Spain


1,5 years, starts in winter


Spanish, English


From 1 March

Programme Information


Project management skills are valuable in many aspects of professional life. You expect a lawyer to be properly trained and a proven track record of handling similar cases. The best project managers are selected the same way – based on their training and proven experience in project management. A practical degree where you can dive deep into all the skills you need to create and manage projects sets up you – and your projects – for success.

  • What is project management? What do project managers do?

Everything you see is someone’s project. From the refurbishment of a city bridge to the redesign of a beloved chocolate brand’s packaging. As our world gets bigger, so do our projects ­– leading to additional complexity and greater demand for expert project management skills.

Project managers lead projects through their entire lifecycle, controlling every aspect from planning through to execution, monitoring, and evaluation. They work closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, and they apply their diverse project management skills to make sure everything goes according to plan. Managing a project to successful completion can be highly rewarding – knowing your strategic, interpersonal, and change management skills made the difference.

If applying diverse skills to achieve goals and solve problems in an ever-changing environment sounds like the job for you, then it’s time you took the first step into a career in project management.

  • What are the advantages of studying in the Bilbao area?

Bilbao is a cultural and business hub with an excellent public transport system. Culture vultures will be happy here, with concerts, theatre, opera and music festivals alongside the regular offerings of the Guggenheim and Fine Arts Museums. Also famous for the many outdoor and seaside lifestyle opportunities the location offers, the sea connections are a great source of export and trade – breathing life into the region and its economy. Talking of the economy: All students can work part-time during their studies, although international students are limited to 20 hours per week. This gives students a great opportunity to integrate further into local life, getting to know the city, its people, and making connections.

  • What makes studying at UPV/EHU such a valuable experience?

The home faculty for this course, the Faculty of Engineering – Bilbao – enjoys a central location by the Nervión River. Bilbao is an international and student-friendly city. It’s easy to get around and explore your surroundings.

The International Relations Office will help you settle in, serving as a central point of contact to help with all day-to-day matters of being an international student in Bilbao. You’ll also have access to Spanish and Basque language courses. These will make it easier to participate in and enjoy the local Basque culture, and perhaps get work in the city after graduation.

Beautiful, buzzing Bilbao is a place others might visit for a getaway break. For you, it can be your springboard into a whole new career and new country.

At the time of writing, the approximate fees are €3,000. Please refer to the official course website for the latest fees information.

Applicants are eligible for a number of scholarships and grants. Please check the official scholarships and grants page for details.

For an overview of the registration process, check the course website.

The pre-enrolment process is done online through SARBIDEA application.

It’s worth knowing in advance that candidates can choose up to three Master’s degree courses. It is vital to put these in the correct order of preference, since this order will be taken into account when assigning places.

You can modify your pre-enrolment data and documents in the online application right up to the end of the pre-enrolment period.

Further information on pre-enrolment can be found online. There is also a special guide to the SARBIDEA system.

  • What is the course plan?

You can find a current course plan on the Master in Project Management course website.

  • How do I find accommodation?

A lot of valuable information on accommodation options has already been compiled on the university website.  

In summary, most international students choose to stay in rented and shared flats. There are more expensive halls of residence, which usually offer modern facilities. There is also a host family programme. All the links you need can be found in the guide.

  • Are there any internship opportunities?

Students are welcome do an optional internship during their studies. It is also possible to combine this with your master’s thesis. Some internships will be paid, while others will not be.

You can find more information on internships on the programme website. Basic information on the rules and practices around internships are explained on the university website.

EU citizens (only) can apply for internships through the university. This must be done before you arrive in Bilbao.

  • Will the university help me settle in?

The International Relations Office is there to help all new students settle in. You’ll find helpful information on language courses and other advice relevant to international students. We also offer a buddy programme. The Faculty of Engineering arranges its own dedicated programme, so you should email the international tutor to ask for more details.

Contact us:

Jose Ramon Otegi Olaso