Welcome to Annual Euclides Meeting 2024!

As the youngest member of the Euclides network Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts is following the long-standing tradition and hosted the Annual Euclides Meeting. It took place from 16 to 17 May 2024 and welcomed all members of the existing network in Dortmund, Germany. The annual meeting provided a space to share the latest developments and experiences of the members and discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the future.


Downloadable programme in PDF Format: Annual Euclides Meeting programme

9:30 – 10:00   

Opening and welcome reception at EFS 38b

Erasmus Representative at Department of Computer Science – Sonja Kuhnt (FHDo)
International Representative at Institute for Digitalisation of Work and Living Domains – Christian Reimann (FHDo)
Euclides Network Coordinator – Chris Huybrechts (UCLL)

10:00 – 10:45   

BIP experiences presentation
Björn Schäfer and Christian Reimann

Exchange of experiences from this year’s BIP Int’l Weeks and presentation of the new BIP applications by Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

10:45 – 11:00

Coffee break

12:30 – 14:00


11:00 – 12:30   

Campus tour    

14:00 – 17:00   

Speed dating International Weeks/BIPs
All organisers of BIPs (future BIPs)

The organisers of BIPs are invited to present the Int’l Weeks and find partners who would like to help in the (co-)organisation process of future events


Tour of Hövels Brewery followed by a joint dinner
Location: Hövels Hausbrauerei
Restaurant & Biergarten
Hoher Wall 5-7, 44137 Dortmund

9:30 – 11:00

Administrative arrangements BIPs
Dagmar Hösch and Julia Klein
Discussions in working groups: IIAs, Short mobility contracts, grants, students, staff, organizational questions

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 15:00

Visit at Phoenix des Lumières exhibition followed by a joint lunch
Departure to the exhibition: 11:30 a.m. Emil-Figge-Straße 19, 44227 Dortmund
Destination address: Phoenix des Lumières, Phoenixplatz 4, 44263 Dortmund

Departure to the city centre: 15:00 Phoenix des Lumières, Phoenixplatz 4, 44263 Dortmund
Destination address: Dortmund, Central Station FHDo has organised a bus for the group to take everyone to the exhibition and back to the city centre

15:00 – 16:00

Closing ceremony



From Dortmund main station:

Take the “S-Bahn S1” towards the direction of “Bochum”. Exit at “Universität”. 

Follow the map on the right to get to the EFS38b.

From Dortmund Airport (DTM):

Take the “Airport Shuttle Bus” towards the direction of Holzwickede station. From there, take the train in the direction “Dortmund HB”, then take the “S-Bahn S1” towards the direction of “Bochum”. Exit at “Universität”.Follow the map on the right to get to the EFS38b.

From Düsseldorf Airport (DUS):

Take the “S-Bahn S1/S21” towards the direction of Dortmund. Exit at “Universität”.Follow the map on the right to get to the EFS38b.

In the Info Guide you can find information about:

  • accommodation possibilities;
  • public transportation;
  • places to eat and entertain;
  • other additional hints.

Address: Emil-Figge-Str. 38b (EFS38b), Room 2.01 (2nd floor)

About Euclides

As early as 1989, 7 engineering colleges decided to meet in Ghent, Belgium and discuss international collaboration via the new Erasmus programme, among them ISEP Porto, Universitat de Girona, KAHO Sint-Lieven, DIT Dublin, KHLIM, Karel De Grote Hogeschool, HIKempen. A few years later 3 Erasmus networks were active with 17 partners, including also FH Aalen, ISIB Bruxelles, FH Merseburg, EIGSI La Rochelle and University of Udine.

After years of active student and staff exchanges all through the 90s, 11 Erasmus intensive programmes and numerous other projects, the group decided to keep on working together in a network after the reform of the Erasmus programme. And so it was at FH Darmstadt in 2000, that the Euclides network was founded.

At the moment the organisation has 23 members and is represented in countries.

At present the Euclides network focusses on the organisation of international weeks but we are always looking for new opportunities to co-create international programmes and course modules.

©Source: http://www.euclidesnet.eu/

Our Mission

To facilitate student and staff exchange
and generally promote collaboration amongst the network members by providing information about available positions, travel information, job opportunities, etc

To set up and complete research projects
trough co-operation and exchange of knowledge. Moreover projects and developments of private companies in the fields of technology and engineering (European Community´s Projects Management, for Education and Research).

To stimulate contacts and co-operation with private companies
to intentionally promote links for students’ industrial placements and to sustain a constant awareness of technological or other developments in the private sector.

To exchange information and expertise
in engineering and technology, moreover to expand the input of knowledge that we offer to our students.

©Source: https://www.isep.ipp.pt/Page/ViewPage/EUCLIDES