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Train-the-Trainer Week

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From 15th to 19th November 2021 after 1,5 years FH Dortmund again hosted the training week for our partners from the EuroPIM consortium, as well as our non-EU colleagues from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Palestine, and Kazakhstan.

48 participants of the training week were engaged in various lectures, workshops, trainings, and group activities. Flamingos, Red Pandas, Penguins, Llamas, Giraffes, and Cheetahs (our wonderful teams) learnt how to work with the Agile methodologies and tools, such as Jira, MS Teams, and Confluence, as well as delved deeper into the topic of OpenCoP (Open Communities for Practice). 

The major part of the week was dedicated to the case study «Module Development within OpenCoPs». The main goals of the case study were to define the most appropriate agile methodology and strategy for module development among partners and practice the agile events, including daily meetings, Scrum planning, Scrum retrospective, and so on. The participants got a full experience of working as Scrum teams, and in the end had a chance to present their outcomes, as well as to share and discuss their feedback after collaborating in an Agile environment. 

The projects, involved in the training, included DAAD projects: Ostpartnerschaften, ViMaCs and ManDEE, and Erasmus projects: Work4ce and ProDiT. 

We’re grateful to all the participants for their input and engagement, and looking forward to seeing you at our next events! 

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