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Sustainability and Quality Block Week in Bilbao!

The Sustainability and Quality Block Week started on the 4th of November at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Bilbao, Spain. 

This year 22 master students from EuroMPM, MDT, and ESE master programmes are participating in the block week, and they have an intensive week ahead of them. This year the students are going to have 6 studying days, combined with 3 days of pure social programme. The studying sessions are going to be focused on the EFQM Excellence Model, including the work on real cases, Life Cycle Thinking, and Product Life Cycle Management. 

Along with studying, the students will visit the incredible cities of Getxo and San Sebastián, a beautiful island Gaztelugatxe (Dragonstone), and of course a must-have of every Bilbao visit programme- the Guggenheim Museum. 

We hope you guys will enjoy your trip and wishing you a lot of fun!