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Supporting the Learning Process in Ukraine: Equipment

A high-quality educational process is not possible without the proper hardware. Today, with the war in Ukraine, acquiring the necessary equipment for educational purposes has become more difficult. Thanks to the DAAD Virtual Master Cooperation Data Science (ViMaCs) project, funded by German Academic Exchange Service, the University’s equipment base and the Project Management Department have improved over the years 2021–2023. The project has purchased a server and hard drives to store developed educational materials, laptops, tablets, a video camera, and webcams to prepare educational materials, and to support the educational process during power outages. Additionally, the project has purchased TVs to serve as screens for presentations during the educational process. This hardware is currently supporting the training of bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) in the project management and management programs under the specialties 073 “Management” and 122 “Computer Science.”

Project programme: Shaping the digital future together: German-Ukrainian University Cooperations 2021-2023

Project Name: Virtual Master Cooperation Data Science (ViMaCs)

Project-ID: 57513461 (Phase 1), 57602060 (Phase 2)