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ProDiT Industrial Partners meeting in Bilbao, Spain

On November 3rd 2022, ProDiT team members from NTNU, FH Dortmund, and UPV/EHU met with Spanish ProDiT industrial partners AgLa4D, MainStrat, IHOBE and AEIPRO in Bilbao, Spain.

The objective was to provide feedback on the progress of ProDiT research in the respective OpenCops and to follow up on how the partners can continue contributing to the ongoing research in the remaining period of the project.  Several topics were covered in the discussion from the respective OpenCops topics, i.e., digital maturity models, competences management in the context of digital transformation, and sustainability aspect of digital transformation. 

The industrial partners provided insights on their current digital transformation initiatives, challenges, and success factors enabling them to undertake such projects successfully. With such discussion, the participants obtained insights on the lessons learnt from such projects as input to the knowledge database in the frames of ProDiT.