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ProDiT Consortium Meeting and Taxonomy Workshop

On September 11, 2023, the ProDiT consortium meeting at Fachhochschule Dortmund brought together (in a hybrid format of participation) project partners for an extensive review of the project’s current status and discussions about its deliverables. The meeting also included a Taxonomy Workshop where a case study from a ProDiT partner (UNITY AG) was analyzed.

Participants focused on the practical application of the Taxonomy of Digital Transformation Projects, leading to discussions about improving its effectiveness and clarity for real-world use. Also, participants delved deep into the taxonomy model, applying it to a real-world case study. They saw how it works in practice and where it can be improved. As feedback, they emphasized how good it was organized but suggested that some parts could be clarified further. The workshop underlined the importance for a balance between storytelling and straightforward representation in case studies. 

This event highlighted ProDiT’s commitment to collaborative development and the practical implementation of digital transformation strategies. This reflects the project’s dedication to improve the understanding and implementation of digital transformation, marking its significance in the field.