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EuroPIM Team at ICL Conference

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The questions of learning in the age of digital transformation were discussed from 28-30th of September in Vienna, Austria, during the 25th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2022) “Learning in the Age of Digital and Green Transition” (ICL 2022).

During the conference, our colleagues Nargiza Mikhridinova and Carsten Wolff (FH Dortmund), Bertha Ngereja (NTNU), Bassam Hussein (NTNU), Wim Van Petegem (KU Leuven), and Jose Ramon Otegi-Olaso (UPV/EHU) got a chance to present the paper “Competence-based Support for Project-based Learning in Virtual Settings». 

The core concepts of the paper were devoted to the implementation of the educational resources within the virtual Master School of the EuroPIM consortium, which was supported and validated by the first ProDiT pilot teaching session (conducted fully online). 

The pilot teaching was conducted within the educational package “Agile & Projectized organisations in the digital era” (in terms of the module “Agile Management in Virtual Project Environments”), which used cross-border projects conducted by students from different countries in a purely online setting, involving 3 teachers, 2 PhD students, and 42 students from Spain and Germany. 

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