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People of EuroPIM: Mathias Fritzen

Today’s hero of the #PeopleofEuroPIM series is Mathias Fritzen, who teaches the «Self Management and Social Competences» course for the EuroMPM students.

💬 Hi Mathias, thank you very much for doing this interview! Tell us please a little bit about yourself. What’s your background and what do you do now?

«I grew up in a small town not far from Dortmund. I had an amazing circle of friends and married a wonderful woman. I was one of the first Parkour athletes in Germany doing shows for Adidas and being featured on all major TV channels. I studied communications design and had the privilege to create award-winning campaigns together with amazing teams for clients such as Lufthansa, DHL, and Telekom. I moved away. I lost contact with most of my friends. I got divorced. I injured myself badly and almost lost my arm. I no longer work in design.

Would I do all of it again if I had the chance to? Yes, definitely! Life is my teacher and I pass on the skills that life taught me: how to overcome obstacles, how to build mental strength, conflict-management, communication, self-reflection, goal-setting, and more.»

💬What’s your favorite course of those that you’re teaching and why?

«I am only teaching one and that’s my absolute favorite: Self Management and Social Competences. Why? Because the topics in this course are more relevant than ever before and yet so-called «soft skills» are rarely taught at universities at all. I see this as a great chance for my students to prepare for a challenging, exciting, and interconnected work environment.»

💬What do you like the most about teaching?

«I love being in touch with young, energetic, and brilliant minds. It inspires me and I learn as much as my students in the process.»

💬What do you think are the advantages of studying EuroMPM?

«One word: diversity. The EuroMPM attracts students from all over the world. Every student adds their own story, beliefs, culture, and unique ideas to the mix. That creates growth and learning opportunities on a daily basis. I see studying in such an environment as a great privilege.»

💬Who do you think the programme suits the most?

«Open-minded global thinkers.»

💬Please, give one piece of advice for students that you wish you were given at their age!

«That’s easy! Find something that you genuinely love to do – something that you are excited about. Work in that field and you’ll accomplish great things!»

Thank you, Mathias! We’re wishing you all the best on your way of teaching and coaching!