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Autumn School 2023 on Advanced Perspectives on Data Science

From 4th to 8th of September 2023, the International Autumn School on “Advanced Perspectives on Data Science” was held at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Dortmund, Germany) as part of the DAAD “Virtual Master Cooperation Data Science (ViMaCs), Phase 2” project .

Around 30 students and 10 staff members took part in the last Pilot teaching event of the DAAD ViMaCs project. Since the beginning of the Phase 1 (November 2019) it was organised 8 online, hybrid and on-site Pilot teaching events. Neither COVID-19 nor the war situation in Ukraine prevented the consortium to continue its work and input into the project and it has achieved many things and achieved many goals.

The program of the International Autumn School 2023 comprised of the mixture of such topics:

  • Process-driven Approach for Big Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Big Data Tools
  • Python for Data Analytics
  • Working with Open Data
  • Model Evaluations: Main Metrics
  • Communication with Clients

Additionally, students worked in several groups to solve the provided case study and presented all their results on the last day of the pilot teaching. 

It is worth noting that the event happened at the same time and place as the IEEE IDAACS 2023 conference, so that students and staff member of the Autumn School had a great opportunity to collaborate and network with the ca 150 on-site participants of the international community of the long-lasting and respected IEEE Conference, which founder is the partner of the ViMaCs consortium – West Ukrainian National University (WUNU) and the organiser and a host is the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Moreover, the integration of the Ukrainian ViMaCs consortium into EuroPIM community which consists of the many international partners from Kazakhstan and Palestine (within the DAAD East Partnership and within Erasmus+ KA171 projects), EU countries (within Erasmus+ ProDiT,  DAAD ManDEE  projects), Azerbaijan (within the Erasmus+ CBHE WORK4CE project)  and Armenia (within Erasmus+ CBHE CompIIT project) is well developed and continues to grow.

Project programme: Shaping the digital future together: German-Ukrainian University Cooperations 2021-2023

Project Name: Virtual Master Cooperation Data Science (ViMaCs)

Project-ID: 57513461 (Phase 1), 57602060 (Phase 2)