Dortmund International Winter School 2018

The Dortmund International Winter School will take place on November 19th-23rdth, 2018.

The Winter School is a joint activity of Ruhr Master School , ruhrvalley and DAAD EuroPIM. 

It is organized by the Master programmes:

– European Master in Project Management (EuroMPM, FH Dortmund)

– Master Embedded Systems for Mechatronics (ESM, FH Dortmund)

– Master Digital Transformation (MDT, FH Dortmund)

– Master Elektromobilität (HS Bochum)

– Master Angewandte Nachhaltigkeit (HS Bochum)

Accommodation and travel for international students are covered by Erasmus and
DAAD funding (limited seats)

 The participation is free of any fees

 Workshop registration is extended until November 15th 2018 with at this e-mail

ATE Course

The Winter School is organized in different thematic Streams:

Aurubis Workshop (Sabine Lengyel)

Agile Project Management (Olha Mikhieieva)

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), (Lukas Krawczyk)

ruhrvalley- Sustainable Electrical Mobility in Metropolitan Regions (Stefanie
Bengfort, Gerd Uhe, Martin Hellwig)

Certificates are provided to successful participants for every stream.

The workshop facilities and week schedules are announced on Oct 15th.

Academic Teaching Excellence 

The British Council

Social Events

• Tuesday, 20.11.2018 – Pub quiz
Time: 19:00
Place: Gaststätte Tremonia, Tremoniastr 70, 44137 Dortmund
Description: Gather your team and find out which of the participating teams is the smartest! Is it your team?
First 2 rounds of drinks are on us, food and further drinks are on you!

• Wednesday, 21.11.2018 – Game night & BBQ
Time: 18:00
Place: Emil-Figge-Straße 42 A.E.03
Description: What is better than to hang out with your new friends enjoying a beer and a sausage after a hard day of studying?
Playing some of the best games out there! Food and drinks are on us!

• Thursday, 22.11.2018 –Christmas Market Rallye
Time: 17:30
Place: Dortmund central station (Hbf), near info point
Description: Explore the biggest Christmas tree in the world and the most tasty mulled wines with your team and get to know the
Dortmund Christmas Market! You will be the first to explore it, because today is the first time it opens!

REFA Building Emil-Figge-Str. 43

Campus Maps

A&O Hostel

Königswall 2
44137 Dortmund
+49 231 226 886 4300
Route from Dortmund Central Station
Leave the Central Station through the main exit. Turn left and follow the street’s course for about 300m. The A&O hostel is located on the right side
!!! Information for international students:
Please check the schedule of your stream to find out when and where you will meet your contact person. On the first day you will be shown how to get to the university/company. For further information or questions you can ask directly your contact person.
Stream B: please come to meeting point on time on the first day, as you have to catch the certain train to Düsseldorf

‘Student’ places to eat & Shops

Near A&O Hostel
Brückstrasse has a big range of Döner (2,50 € to 3 € for a
grilled meat in ‘pita’-like bread), Indian All-You-Can-Eat buffet (6 €), and many more…

Next to Dortmunder U
Westenhellweg 136-138:
 Imbiss ‘Wurstkultur’
 Bergmann Kiosk, go 50m to the right from the Novum
entrance – good beers only!
 Supermarket REWE, Rheinische Strasse 47

Near Reinoldikirche U-Bahn Station (Metro Station) you can find:
 Döner Kiosk
 Café “Al Basha”, Stiftstrasse, 23 with Lebanese food (3,50 € for a sandwich with grilled meat)
 Supermarket “Netto Markt”, Burgwall, 2-8 – cheap supermarket, wich closes at 10 pm.

At the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
The drugstore “Rossmann” is located inside the train station, next to the Infopoint: food and other things, but not always cheap.

For the supermarket “REWE to go”, go out from the main entrance to the left, about 40m. It’s small, but they have soups, a salad bar and grilled meat.

Right in the Heart of the City
Shopping center ‘Thier Gallerie’ on Westenhellweg 102 – 106:
Food court on the upper floor
supermarket ‘REWE’ on the 1st floor
Other things you may want to buy…
BVB FanShop Krone on Markt 10-14
‘Euroshop’, at Ostenhellweg 51 offers everything you wish for 1 €, including umbrellas and othe usefull things.
 All shops and supermarkets are closed on Sunday!
Most of the shops and supermarkets in the city center close during working days at 8:00 pm. However, at the Central Station Hauptbahnhof) you will still find supermarkets like
“Rossmann” and “REWE to Go” opened on Sunday and late at night (limited selection).

Arrival & Public transportation


Arrival by train
If you arrive by train you should travel to Dortmund Central Station (Dortmund Hauptbahnhof).
Arrival by international bus
Busses arrive at the central bus station called ‘ZOB’ [‘tsob:], which is located right at the North Entrance of Dortmund Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Go through the tunnel that leads across the central train station and then follow the directions ‘By train’.
Arrival by plane (from Dortmund Airport)
Option 1: From the airport: Take the airport express (8,50 €). It will take 20 minutes to get to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Then follow the route from the Central Station described above.
Option 2: Take the bus 490 (2,80 € for a 90 minutes trip) from the second bus stop to the right from the airport exit, when you leave the airport. Change at ‘Aplerbeck’ onto the metro line U47, direction ‘Westerfilde’; get off at ‘Kampstrasse’ or continue to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). Then follow the instructions above for ‘By train’. It takes about 40 minutes in total.

Arrival by plane (from Düsseldorf Airport)
Take the SkyTrain from your terminal to the airport’s railway station “Düsseldorf Flughafen”. Buy a ticket at the red machines with the logo “DB”, they provide English language as well. Navigate through the options on the screen and indicate that you go to Dortmund  Hauptbahnhof, chose the train type “RE” or “Regional”. The ticket costs 15,30€ for a single ride. While buying the ticket, the machine will indicate to you at what time the next train leaves to Dortmund. The regional trains to Dortmund normally leave from platform 5 or platform 1, but please check for changes. Make sure it indicates Dortmund on the platform screen before you get on the train. The trip will take from 40 – 50 minutes. Please make sure you validate your ticket (at the small orange machines next to your vending machine) before you get on the train to Dortmund. If you don’t, you run the risk of receiving a 60€ fine.
!!! For travelling by ICE train you will need a special ticket for this rapid service train which costs 23,50€.

Public transportation
Within the City of Dortmund, you can travel by bus, metro and local trains (S-Bahn). !!! Please remember that while traveling by bus in Dortmund, in order to get off, you have to push the red button BEFORE your stop. Otherwise, the bus may not stop. This also applies to the surface stations when you travel by metro. Normally, every stop is announced.
Tickets for public transportation
For public transportation within Dortmund, you have to buy a ticket in the category A (A3) for 2,80 € at the vending machines on stations or from the bus driver in buses; and stamp it before getting on the train or metro or stamp it on the bus with the machine next to the bus driver. !!! Please remember to validate your ticket when traveling with public transportation.
Prices for tickets
Single ticket (valid for 90 minutes in one direction): 2,80 €, 4-rides-ticket: 10,20 € (must be stamped each 90 min. ride! Otherwise you can get fined)
Day pass for 1/2/3/4/5 persons: 7,00€/10,30€/13,60€/16,90€/20,20€.
For details please visit: this link.

!!! Participants from stream A and B will be provided with travel tickets for visiting the companies in Lünen and Düsseldorf respectively