This Spring School is taking place according to the Central European Summer Time (CEST)!!!
Please check in which timezone you are and check the time difference


Here you can find the case-study from Luxoft. Download (not available any longer) this file and follow the tasks in it in order to deliver your solution in small teams. More will be announced on the first day of Spring School (see Schedule).
All teams will have to participate in the:

  • follow-up session (Discussion with Luxoft and Q&A) on Wednesday, 19.05.2021, at 16:00 CEST. Send your questions about case-study to
  • presentation of the case-study results on Friday, 21.05.2021, at 13:00 CEST

Attention: You are not allowed to change your team. You must participate in the teamwork. We will check each team and the involvement of the team members!


Team 1

1. Nataliia Oberemok
2. Mariam Jamal
3. Hamidreza Mohseni
4. Mangal Deep Balasubramani Marutha Babu
5. Veronika Karnaukh
6. Dmytro Abramchuk
7. Andriy Khlevnyi

Team 2

1. Meheboob Ulla Khan Rizwan Ulla Khan
2. Atheena Sojan Sojan
3. Manoj Prem Siddaiah Mahadevaiah
4. Iulia Khlevna
5. Artem Dikarev
6. Denys Symonik

Team 3

The team has been disbanded

Team 4

1. Joseph Anand
2. Iryna Tomyn
3. Satyam Pandey
4. Maksym Diachenko
5. Mykyta Statiev

Team 5

1. Rostyslav Diakiv
2. Bheeshmraya Bheemasamudra Vruksharaj
3. Swathi Sudeendra Rao
4. Kirill Stupakov
5. Kostiantyn Chichuk
6. Illia Bondar
7. Anton Chervanyov

Team 6

1. Truong Hoang Xuan
2. Vignesh Somasundaram
3. Shankar Lokeshwara
4. Danil Degtarenko
5. Ilya Kharebashvili
6. Ivanna Nahuliak
7. Misha Navudylo