You are currently viewing The Dortmund International Spring School 2022 is officially over! 

The Dortmund International Spring School 2022 is officially over! 

During 5 days around 100 participants from FH Dortmund and partner universities have been diving deeper into the topics of Signals & Systems for Automated Driving, Usability Engineering, Multi-Project Management and Organization, and Smart Home & Smart Building & Smart Cities. 

We have talked to some students and here’s what they told us. 

Mahadi Hasan, participant of the Usability Engineering Stream: 

«We explored the outside and inside of the campus to find out how accessible it is for disabled people. Our task was to identify any possible problems and recommend some ways to improve them. Then we did that at the Dortmund U-Tower, but in a bit different way. There we investigated the floors, noted down as visitors what we felt in there and collected data for improvements in terms of design.» 

Aleksandra Galiakhmetova, Multi-Project Management and Organization: 

«During the Stream, we have learnt the theory of Multy-Project Management, and then did the case studies to see how it can be implemented in practice. We have also had a company visit, where we could see how successful companies manage their projects. One day we had a guest lecturer from Kaunas, who shared with us his experience. The stream was very well organized and gave us lots of useful insights.» 

We hope those of you who participated also enjoyed the Spring School, and if you haven’t, then we are looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Summer School 2022!