The Ruhr Master School is a joint Master School driven by the Universities of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Fachhochschule Dortmund), Bochum (Hochschule Bochum) and Gelsenkirchen (Westfälische Hochschule), funded by the Mercator Foundation. It focuses on Master Degree Programmes within the areas of Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences.
The main idea is to bring together about 15 different master degree programmes from the fields of technology and engineering and to complement them with interesting events like Conferences and Summer Schools, while establishing a common communication platform to provide a better knowledge exchange and enhance a new level of learning experience for our students.

More information on this Link (only in German)

The Ruhr Master School offers modules catalogues with electives from the different Master’s programmes and organizes events like summer schools, conferences and international exchange. This gives the students the unique opportunity of a joint and interdisciplinary learning experience with an unmatched choice of topics and specializations. This makes the Ruhr Master School an attractive option not only for students from the Ruhr Area, but also from students from all Germany and Overseas.


Verena Kulessa
Lennershofstraße 23
44801 Bochum
+49 (0)234 / 3210-854

Rebecca Hegemann-Rockel
Sonnenstr 96
44139 Dortmund
+49 (0)231 / 9112-632

Thorsten Ruben
Emil-Figge-Str 38
44227 Dortmund
+49 (0)231 / 755-6290

Thomas Spiecker
Neidenburger Straße 43
45877 Gelsenkirchen
+49 (0)209 / 9596-293

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