PhD Network

The EuroPIM PhD Network is an interdisciplinary research group which brings together PhD candidates from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund and its partner universities. This research group focuses on the different aspects of project & innovation management and offers a platform for the PhD candidates for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The main goals of this network are:

1. Synergizing research work of the PhD students while profiting from each other’s experience
2. Encouraging publications to the scientific field by creating a platform for the exchange of ideas and collaboration within the same as well as across different research fields of the research group members
3. Organizing events and workshops with field experts to work on research content, design and methodologies
4. Exchanging information about available PhD courses, workshops, conferences and further events at partner universities and in the specific research fields
5. Allowing access to a wider scientific community and to sources for research-related data

Within this effort, events are organized in Dortmund on an annual basis: 
Dortmund IRC (26th -27th June, 2020)
• PhD Summer School (29th June-3rd July, 2020)

In addition, the EuroPIM PhD Network encourages short-term research stays within the network through participation in events organized at partner universities, such as the PhD Summer School in Kaunas and PhD courses in Kaunas, Trondheim, Leuven and Bilbao. The development of a shared catalogue for all relevant PhD events organized at the partner universities within the network is in progress. To facilitate the exchange, the EuroPIM PhD Network also organizes regular virtual meetings and uses online collaboration tools for document creation and document sharing.

Nargiza Mikhridinova
Ala Nuseibah