Past Events


KU Leuven, NTNU Trondheim, UPV/ EHU Bilbao

Student Exchange Winter Term 2018/2019

REPM – Conference Research & Education in Project Management 

21st-22nd February, 2019, 
Bilbao, Spain


Block Week “Information Supply Chain”

3rd-7th December, 2018, 
FH Dortmund, Germany

19th-23th November, 2018, 
FH Dortmund, Germany

Block Week “Quality Specialization”

9th-17th November, 2018, 
– UPV/EHU Bilbao, Spain

International Week at FH Dortmund

15th-19th October, 2018, 
FH Dortmund, Germany

ICIST Conference 2018

4th-6th October, 2018, 
KTU Kaunas, Vilnius, Lithuania


Workshop on TOGAF at KU Leuven

3rd-7th September, 2018, 
KU Leuven

AEIPRO Conference 2018

11th-13th July, 2018, 
Madrid, Spain

Dortmund International Summer School 2018

2nd-6th July, 2018, 
Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund International Research Conference

29th-30th June, 2018, 
Dortmund, Germany

Block Week “Change Management”

6th-8th June, 2018 – FH Dortmund, Germany

Ruhr Master School Block Week

4th-8th June, 2018 – FH Dortmund, Germany

Block Week „Advanced Interaction Techniques“

16th-20th April, 2018 – KTU Kaunas, Lithuania

International Days at KU Leuven

12th-16th March, 2018 – Campus De Nayer, Sint-Katelinje-Waver, Belgium

Conference Research & Education in Project Management – REPM

22nd-24th February, 2018, 
Bilbao, Spain


Block Week “Information Supply Chain”

4th-8th December, 2017 – 
Dortmund, Germany

Block Week “Quality Management“

3rd-11th November, 2017 – Bilbao, Spain

Winter School “Product and Service Innovation“

20th-24th November, 2017 – Dortmund, Germany

International Week at FH Dortmund

16th-20th October, 2017 – Dortmund, Germany

ICIST Conference 2017

12th-14th October, 2017 – Druskininkai, Lithuania

Block Week on Project Management at KU Leuven

18th-22nd September, 2017 – Leuven, Belgium

International Research Conference and Summer School 2017

30th June – 7th July, 2017 – Dortmund, Germany

Block Week “Creativity and Information and Knowledge in Project Management”

3rd-7th April, 2017 – Dortmund, Germany

Block Week “Advanced Interaction Techniques”

1st-8th April, 2017 – KTU Kaunas, Lithuania

International Days at KU Leuven

13th-17th March, 2017 – Campus de Nayer, Sint-Katelijne Waver, Belgium

Student Exchange Winter Term 2016/2017

KU Leuven, NTNU Trondheim, UPV/ EHU Bilbao

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NTNU Trondheim, Norway

“I also would like to mention my experience the first week with my flat mates; I was sharing my flat with 3 girls from China- I got my room through NTNU. The culture difference between Latin culture and Chinese is extremely big. At the beginning, it was a bit hard because of the language barrier, food style, behaviors, etc. Nonetheless, day by day everything was getting better and I had a good relation with all of them. It was the first time that I was living with a culture completely different from mine and it was a good opportunity to know more about Chinese Culture and the way they are. I have to admit the only thing I couldn’t do is eat noodles during my breakfast.”

- Katia Jiménez Agurto, EuroMPM student


KU Leuven, Belgium

“The City of Leuven was really nice for me. […] The most interesting thing for me was that all people speak English and there was no need to speak in Dutch nor even French. People there were so kind to me, including the professors and students. The idea of being around people who have different mindsets, various aspirations and goals is something that I have always found intriguing.”

- Ahmed Mohamed, EuroMPM student


NTNU Trondheim, Norway

“There were two important aspects that contributed to my positive evaluation of my studies at NTNU. First, the PROMAN organization. PROMAN is the student association for the Project Management master. The association organized several activities that helped new students to be integrated. The organization managed to bring close together first year and second year master students. The events organized were mostly social events, but they also invited company representatives to present their organization and possible career opportunities for PROMAN students. […] The second aspect that had high impact on me, was the high connection between NTNU and companies. Several career fairs were organized. One that I also attended made it possible for me to find a company that was interested in the topic of my master thesis and offered to provide help with it.”

- Katalin Szász, EuroMPM student

University of the Basque Country, Spain


“All in all, the semester abroad brought me many valuable experience. The City of Bilbao and the Basque Country are very unique with their interesting and friendly environment and people. It is a highly developed region with a rich history and has had a big influence on me. It gave me an insight into how a region can, with the help of its own people, develop into one of the best regions in Europe in terms of education and industry.”

- Misagh Rostami, EuroMPM student

REPM - Conference Research & Education in Project Management

The REPM Conference, organized by the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao concentrates on the advanced research in the field of Project Management (PM) and will focus on:


This conference is a big opportunity for researchers, postgraduate students and practitioners from PM to meet and to discuss the further development of their field and its teaching and implementation.

Visit the conference’s official site!

We offer financial support for members of Dortmund University of applied Sciences and Arts to participate in this conference.

For more information, please contact us via this e-mail.

Block Week "Information Supply Chain"

Business decision makers need the right information, in right form at right time. Business intelligence supports these needs and continues to play an important role in business IT.
In this Block Week, the students will learn to perform data analysis with Excel to obtain the necessary information to generate a forecast by using real (!) data from a company. Interpreting and understanding the performance of such sales figures will be one of the main tasks.

Dortmund International Winter School

This year’s Dortmund International Winter School was organized at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts as a joint activity by DAAD EuroPIM, Ruhr Master School and ruhrvalley. Four different streams within the areas of Digital Transformation, Project Management and Embedded Systems for Mechatronics were offered in combination with real case studies provided by companies from the Ruhr Area:




Lectures as well as representatives of the involved companies were very satisfied with the provided results by the students to the extent that more collaborations in education and research are to be expected in our future events.

More information on the International Winter School here.

Block Week "Quality Specialization"

The FH Dortmund and the UPV/EHU Bilbao offered a joint Block Week for the EuroMPM study programme on Quality Management on Campus of the UPV/ EHU in Bilbao. This block week was the sequel to the block week „Creativity and Information and Knowledge in Project Management“, offered at FH Dortmund in April 2018 and was directed at students from advanced semesters. Its focus lied on the sustainability of projects, mainly from an ecological point of view and was related models to perform Project Management.

10 years International Week at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts…

… a good reason to come together and take Internationalization a step further!


For the 10th time, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts welcomed academics and researches, as well as students and university staff its annual International Week on October.

DAAD EuroPIM had the great opportunity to form part of the “International Networking Event” on Tuesday evenin, where it was presented together with other international programmes and activities of Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We were more than happy to welcome Dr. ing. Peter Arras, International Relations Officer at our partner university KU Leuven, who gave his key note on "Internationalization and International Cooperation in Higher Education".

For the first time, DAAD EuroPIM, together with the Faculty of Business Studies, hosted two Round Tables on the topic “Internationalization at Universities in Latin America and Europe – Challenges and Opportunities”, one in Spanish and one in English. Here, together with invited guests from institutions like the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), ESAN (Peru), UNAM (Mexico), and the University of the Basque Country (Spain), dialogues and collaborations on different levels within the academic and educational field were started. Joint publications and teaching formats within the Dortmund International Summer School were one of the main topics and new goals for 2019.

ICIST Conference 2018

The ICIST Conference is hosted by the biggest technical university in the Baltic States – Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). ICIST 2018 aimed to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Technology Applications. The conference featured original research and application papers on the theory, design and implementation of modern information systems, software systems and IT applications.

Workshop on TOGAF at KU Leuven

During this five-day event from 3rd to 7th September, 2018, at KU Leuven the participating students were to cover topics like Digitalization, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Innovation, IT-Architecture and Business Modelling. The content of the workshop was the application of TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Forum) on different case studies solved in team work. These case studies were provided by two German companies, Unity AG and Smart Mechatronics GmbH, as well as the Belgian company SABAM. In total, four teams were set up in advance with students from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and KU Leuven, combing the students’ different interdisciplinary backgrounds. The main goal was to introduce the students to the opportunities offered by the TOGAF application concerning the changes in enterprise architecture. The cases served the purpose to help students apply their knowledge and interdisciplinary experience to practical solution of the cases in terms of strategy of the company, its mission and values. This practical approach was combined with lectures by Guy Brouns from KU Leuven and Stephan Recker from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. During social events in the evening, the students had also time to discover the beautiful city of Leuven and to share their impressions of the week with their fellow students.

AEIPRO Conference 2018 

Members of the DAAD EuroPIM consortium from FH Dortmund and UPV/EHU Bilbao, as well as from the associated ruhrvalley were invited to the 22nd International Congress on Project Management and Engineering (11th-13th July 2018), organized by the Spanish Project Management and Engineering Association (AEIPRO) and the Technical School of Industrial Engineering from the National Distance Education University (UNED).
José Ramón Otegi Olaso and Nerea Toledo Gandarias from UPV/EHU Bilbao presented two papers (Professional Competences in Scientific Journals of Project Management and The Influence of the Use of Project Management Tools and Techniques on the Achieved Success) while Carsten Wolff (FH Dortmund) presented his paper Competences and the Digital Transformation, in which he presented the EuroPIM and EuroMPM network and how they address the challenges in Project Management education within the era of digital transformation through a newly defined competence baseline.
The conference’s poster sessions were used to present the EuroPIM project as well as the associated ruhrvalley project, by presenting they currents tasks, overall scopes and goals in order to further establish these two projects within the Project Management community and to initiate further collaborations and projects in the areas of research and education.


Dortmund Summer School 2018 

Everyone should know how to increase their reach in the internet and social media. Following this idea, one of the final presentations of the Dortmund International Summer School stressed out: „Digital Marketing is for everyone.“ Over more than 100 students from Europe and an international team of lecturers gathered in different streams and in a PhD Summer School to tackle all sorts of exciting topics, real case studies and challenges within the areas of Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Project Management. „We need more knowledge sharing between the European countries“, concluded Saad Ahmad from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. While attending the Dortmund International Summer School 2017 as a PhD, he now joined as a lecturer, giving advice to other PhDs on how to conduct their research.

Prorector Andrea Kienle during the Opening Session.

Inspired by the research projects presented during the Dortmund International Research Conference 2018, students from Dortmund, Belgium, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, amongst other countries, gathered for one week in interdisciplinary teams to work on tasks given by lecturers and companies.
One of those companies was Ambient Innovation: GmbH, represented by Ronny Vedrilla who gave a talk on Scrum at the beginning of the General Project Management stream and explained how it was implemented and is being used within the company. The stream participants subsequently learned over the week different tools and methods to manage not only projects within the digital domain, but also those of high complexity and innovation.

Participants and lecturers of the General Project Management stream.

„The innovation comes when people from different disciplines work together“, was the compliment of one of the participants of the Summer School. And this is exactly what the Dortmund International Summer School is aiming for: Not only to provide the platform for people to meet, but to connect different scientific approaches, methods and perspectives. The streams offered were on Automotive Software Engineering, Data Analytics Hackathon with IBM Watson, Digital Marketing, Sustainability in Project Management and Usability Engineering. „The social life during the summer school is most important“, added Josu Garai, student from UPV/EHU Bilbao, Spain. And they had a lot of social interactions, especially the participants of the Usability Engineering stream, who developed a mobile app and tested it directly with people in the pedestrian area in downtown Dortmund.

Participants and lecturers oft he PhD Summer School.

As professor Beverly Pasian from Utrecht University of applied Sciences and one of the lecturers of the PhD Summer School emphasizes that „the sharing of knowledge is most important“, a publication of the contributions to the PhD Summer School and of selected works by Master students is planned in a special issue of the journal “Project Management – Research and Practice”.

For more information on the annual Dortmund International Summer School, please contact us via [].
For more information on the annual PhD Summer School and other PhD related events, please contact Ala Nuseibah via [].

Dortmund International Research Conference 2018


Students, researchers and international guests were invited to join from July 29th-30th the Dortmund International Research Conference, which was inaugurated by prorectors Katrin Löhr and Andrea Kienle and attracted over 120 participants from all over the world with about 40 presentations. “We are happy to announce that we were able to double the number of participants of 2017 and to increase the number of papers from 30 to 40, compared to last year. This reassures us that we are on the right path creating this international platform of knowledge exchange and research between lecturers, researchers and students, which forms part of the internationalization strategy of Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts”, stated Carsten Wolff, head of the organizing committee of the Dortmund IRC.
And the DAAD EuroPIM consortium had one more international event to celebrate: Antony Omamo, student from FH Dortmund and first student to complete a double degree in cooperation with KTU Kaunas.

Antony Omamo (middle) received his double degree diploma from Elena Vitkauskaite from KTU Kaunas (left) and Carsten Wolff from FH Dortmund (right).

The participants of the Dortmund International Summer School were not only members of the DAAD EuroPIM partner universities in Bilbao, Kaunas, Leuven, Trondheim, but also from countries like Austria, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Palestine and Ukraine. The conference focused on the topics of Economics, Information Communication Technology as well as Project Management and Quality & Sustainability. The event was funded by DAAD EuroPIM, Erasmus, FH Dortmund and the Ruhr Master School.


Block Week "Change Management" 

Tim Torvatn from NTNU Trondheim came to FH Dortmund to teach the Block Week Change Management as part of the study programme of EuroMPM.

Change Management is strongly linked to Project Management for projects are often initiated because of a need for changes in an organization. It must not only be checked which kind of changes an organization is willing and able to follow, but also the impact of projects on organizations and all stakeholders, while holding a balance between technical aspects dealing with processes, roles and responsibilities on one hand and the more complex human side on the other hand. The objectives were to enable students to explain concepts of change management and to be able to detect, develop and apply tools and techniques for change management and to develop the competence to analyze and create new ones.

Ruhr Master School Block Week

Anders lernen!

Learning Differently! – the new Block Week organized by Ruhr Master School took place at different locations in the Ruhr Area. We offered to students studying Embedded Systems for Mechatronics (and related fields of study) at our EuroPIM partner universities the English taught Module “Mechatronic Systems Engineering”, directed by Stefan Henkler from FH Dortmund.

Mechatronics Systems Engineering is both a challenge and a chance. A holistic and well elaborated engineering process for complex mechatronic system/cyber physical systems is a mandatory requirement for developing future intelligent products. The focus was on the early phase of mechatronic systems design since this phase offers the biggest leverage for better technical systems. Topics like cross domain engineering and systems integration were addressed, too. The content of the course was largely inspired from research findings of the BMBF Spitzencluster “it’s OWL” and the new Fraunhofer Institute “Entwurfstechnik Mechatronik”.


Advanced Interaction Techniques at KTU Kaunas

Students from FH Dortmund, FH Krems and KTU Kaunas and from different study programmes like Marketing, Economics, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Mechanical Engineering came together for this Project Week at KTU Kaunas.
The participants were divided into four groups to work on the projects Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which they had to design and develop on their own. The main goal was to advertise Kaunas as the European Capital of Culture 2022 .
At the same time, this event served as a Kick-Off Event for a couple of project teams which will continue working on the digital applications designed during this block week.
Through this event which took place in an intercultural as well as interdisciplinary environment, students had a first insight into their future working environment. Through the different social events the host country and city were presented to the students. Inspired by this week, some students decided to include a semester abroad into their academic curriculum. Also, the participating lecturers came together for further planning of the International Week at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, during which they will be able to present their ongoing research projects and to continue strengthening their academic partnerships within the DAAD EuroPIM consortium.


International Week/ International Days 2018 
“International = Digital?” – The International Days 2018

Like in previous years, students, lecturers, and academic staff from FH Dortmund took part in the International Days (12th-16th March, 2018) at the KU Leuven Technology Campus De Nayer in Belgium. This event organized by KU Leuven and Thomas More University of Applied Sciences features lectures, presentations, and workshops focusing on Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship ( link ). Following this year’s theme “International = Digital?” topics like trends in the mobile radio technology, big data, AI and autonomous robots, augmented reality, as well as new technologies for the automobile industry were presented. Speakers from countries like Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine, and the United States took part in this event. For the students from FH Dortmund, besides the lectures, a special workshop programme was organized.

For the students, the week started with the lecture “State-of-the-Art Computer Vision and Image Interpretation Techniques to be used in a Mechatronic System”, combined with a practical exercise with Raspberry Pi on face recognition. On Tuesday, they participated in the lecture “Introduction to VHDL & Combinatorial Circuits on an FPGA” and in the practical exercise “Sequential Circuits & System on Chip Design on an FPGA“. On Wednesday they visited the lecture “Motor Management and Chip Tuning”, which included a guided tour through the Test Center for Automotive Technology.

On Thursday, the lectures “Natural Language Processing – NLP – Speech and Text Analytics”, and “Avatars Virtual Agent & Bots“ took place, the latter examining the creation and working process of AIs. Also, the students were able to gain first knowledge on programming in Python during the course “Python on Raspberry Pi”. On Friday, the event concluded with a presentation of the Product Certification Center (PCC) and an introduction into the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.

KU Leuven not only created a broad academic programme, but also offered a wide variety of social events. On Sunday, students from FH Dortmund were welcomed by Peter Arras, professor at KU Leuven, and were guided through downtown Mechelen were they could enjoy its unique cultural atmosphere. On Monday, they were invited by students from KU Leuven, Campus De Nayer, to join their Cantus, a typical Belgian student evening. For the lecturers and academic staff, different guided city walks through Lier and large networking events were offered.

The International Days at the Technology Campus De Nayer offered students the opportunity to visit lectures by experts from all over the world and to get into contact with different concepts of teaching, enabling them to see their own academic as well as professional development from a different angle. Some were even encouraged to study for a semester abroad at KU Leuven.

Conference Research and Education in Project Management - REPM 


FH Dortmund und EuroPIM visiting the first REPM Conference of UPV/ EHU Bilbao 

The REPM Conference (Research and Education in Project Management Conference), organized by the UPV/ EHU University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, took place for the first time on 22nd-23rd March, 2018. ( link ) Its goal: To bring together people from the field of Project Management (PM), practitioners and academics, to discuss recent developments in Research and Education and the implementation of PM in the different fields of work, as well as to bring into focus possible approaches to the way of teaching PM. For this, postgraduate students, lecturers and practitioners met for a dialogue at eye level, while one entire session was dedicated to the talks by members of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts (FH Dortmund). After presentations on the application of PM in the field of work as well as on educational models at universities, a final panel discussion between practitioners and academics took place. Although the participants agreed that PM cannot be exclusively learned at a company or a university, the suggestions for didactical and practical approaches differed on various levels. Nevertheless, the broad agreement was that practice and theory need to be coordinated in a better way, in order to achieve a standard within the didactics of PM which complies the requirements of companies and universities, likewise. This goal is already being targeted at FH Dortmund, especially by the EuroMPM, as well as by the DAAD funded project EuroPIM (European Partnership for Project and Innovation Management). The idea is to permanently establish an International Master School for PM. The involved EuroPIM partners are UPV/EHU Bilbao (Spain), KTU Kaunas (Lithuania), KU Leuven (Belgium) and NTNU Trondheim (Norway).
The second day of the conference was mainly dedicated to a series of workshops targeting topics like Certification of Competences of the Project Manager, Software for PM, Writing Research Papers on PM, as well as Didactical Concepts for Teaching PM at Schools. The conference concluded with a presentation on the construction project of the Football Stadium San Mamés in Bilbao, which was completed in 2013. While being in the Basque Country, Clara Decelis Grewe (Project Coordinator DAAD EuroPIM), Christian Reimann (Informatics Department), Thorsten Ruben (Coordinator Embedded Systems for Mechatronics and Ruhr Master School), Rolf Schuster (Informatics Department) und Carsten Wolff (IDiAL Institute) visited the UPV/ EHU Campus in San Sebastian to discuss further cooperation formats for joint Block Weeks, Summer Schools and exchange programmes for students from Bilbao, San Sebastian and Dortmund. Main point of interest was the new Master Digital Transformation, which will start at FH Dortmund in the upcoming Winter Term 2018/19.
The proceedings of the REPM 2018 are now available here !

Block Week “Information Supply Chain” 
Business decision makers need the right information, in right form at right time. Business intelligence supports these needs and continues to play an important role in business IT.
In this Block Week, the students will learn to perform data analysis with Excel to obtain the necessary information to generate a forecast by using real (!) data from a company. Interpreting and understanding the performance of such sales figures will be one of the main tasks.


Block Week on Quality Management

Like in 2015 and 2016, the joint study course by FH Dortmund and UPV/EHU Bilbao, the Block Week on Quality Management took place in Bilbao. Christian Reimann and Ala Nuseibah from FH Dortmund travelled together with students from FH Dortmund to Spain to teach Spanish and German students this specialization within the EuroMPM study programme. The content of the course resumes the study content of the Block Week in April 2017, “Creativity and Information and Knowledge in Project Management”, which was offered in Dortmund by professor José Ramón Otegi Olaso from the UPV/ EHU Bilbao.

Winter School „Product and Service Innovation“ and PhD Seminar on Project Management“

The Block Week was a joint activity of Master level students from Ruhr Master School , FH Dortmund, HS Bochum and DAAD EuroPIM and was organized by the programmes: Master Elektromobilität (HS Bochum), Master Geoinformatik (HS Bochum), Master Angewandte Nachhaltigkeit (HS Bochum), European Master in Project Management (EuroMPM, FH Dortmund), Master Embedded Systems for Mechatronics (FH Dortmund), and Master Informatik (FH Dortmund).
The students worked on a real world case study in the field of engineering, project management and business development, while the case studies were selected from ruhrvalley: See Project here The PhD Seminar “European Project and Innovation Management” was organized during the Winter School by the EuroPIM consortium and Fachhochschule Dortmund.
The seminar combined few formats: a PhD colloquium, lectures, and open discussions. The content was developed jointly by 8 PhD students in advance virtually, after discussing the results of the 1st PhD seminar held in July and sharing ideas and visions on what was the demand of the most active participants at the moment.
The seminar addressed such higher goals as enhancement of project management science, intensification of academic research in the field of project and innovation management on the doctoral level, promoting measures that insure progress of PhD student research, networking of doctoral students, expanding DAAD EuroPIM network through inviting participants from another institutions, internalization of FH Dortmund, development of intercultural communication competences, development of academic English presentation skills.


International Week FH Dortmund 

To show the university’s international diversity – this was the goal of the 9th International Week 2017, which took place at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts from October, 16th-20th 2017. Prorector Prof. Dr. Helmut Hachul welcomed 24 representatives from 15 countries on Campus. At the different sites, a varied programme was offered to the participants: In over 20 presentations by the international lecturers, the students were able to experience teaching practices from different study fields from all over the world. The students also received valuable information on how to organize and finance their study abroad and were able to discuss their questions with representatives from the universities, as well as with students who just returned from their study abroad. While enjoying snacks with tastes from all over the world and learning how to spell their name in Chinese or Arabic at the “Marktplätze der Möglichkeiten” (‘market places of possibilities’), the students got an insight into different topics on internationalization within the different university departments, the Ruhr Master School, the AStA (students' union executive committee) and the International Office. Those interested in supporting refugees who are at FH Dortmund, had the opportunity to join the project „FHDO hilft“ by e.g. registering for its buddy programme. While visiting Campus and during different social events, lecturers from Dortmund and partner institutions had the chance to exchange ideas on current and future cooperation projects.


ICIST Conference 2017
 The ICIST Conference is hosted by the biggest technical university in the Baltic States – Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). It aims to bring together researchers, engineers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all major areas and interdisciplinary areas of Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Software Engineering and Information Technology Applications. The conference featured original research and application papers on the theory, design and implementation of modern information systems, software systems and IT applications.
During the 23rd International Conference on Information and Software Technologies (ICIST 2017 ), Christian Reimann, Carsten Wolff, as well as one PhD and one Master student from FH Dortmund presented two scientific papers (published at Springer). The main target was to enable postgraduate students to take part in the academic discourse and to engage more students into the activities of the EuroPIM consortium.


KU Leuven - Block Week on Project Management
During this Block Week students from FH Dortmund and KU Leuven worked together on the topic of digitalization in aircraft industry.
On Monday, the topic was presented to the students at the Siemens facilities and the following tasks were given to be solved during the week:
1. What is the impact of the digital transformation on the cost structure of an airplane?
2. How will the digital transformation change the value structure of an airplane?
3. How will the development process of airplanes be changed by the digital transformation?
4. What impact does the software development have on the entire development process?
The students received lectures in which teamwork and team dynamics, processes in software development and software cost analysis, as well as general business models and business models focused on Software Industry were discussed. Within this context, the students worked in four groups on the four topics given. They received then feedback from representatives from Siemens, which were then taken into account on the further work. On Friday, the final results were then presented again to Siemens.
The event received a positive feedback from students as well as professors and Siemens communicated the possibility for students to do an internship at Siemens.


Dortmund International Research Conference and International Summer School 2017 


Block Week “Creativity and Information and Knowledge in Project Management 

In cooperation with José Ramón Otegi Olaso from UPV/ EHU Bilbao, Ala Nuseibah from FH Dortmund offered a Workshop for students of the Master Programmes EuroMPM and Economics. The goal was to give the students an understanding of creative approaches to problem solving and decision-making processes, which focused on philosophical, psychological, logical or cultural perspectives, while taking into account the interest of the involved stakeholders. The applied methods and tools were, amongst others, Brainstorming, 635, Mind Mapping, TRIZ and SECI. Tools for the documentation and creation of knowledge were discussed. The students were asked to write a scientific paper, from which the best 3 papers were presented during the Dortmund International Research Conference 2017, and published in the IRC Proceedings (ISBN: 978-3-00-058090-1):
- Marina Mayor Musetti, Ekaterina Terenteva, Natalia Carranza Madrazo, Ala Nuseibah: Qualitative and Quantitative Benefits of Knowledge Management in Projects: A Combined Approach from Literature and Praxis.
- Sarosh Khan, Matthias Waidmann, Thomas Strücker: An Approach for harnessing maximum benefits from Knowledge Management Systems.
- Kamran Musa, Subin Baidya, Tribane Saha, Ala Nuseibah: Different Dimensions of Knowledge Management Benefits in Projects – An Empirical Overview.


Block Week „Advanced Interaction Techniques“

In the block teaching unit Advanced Interaction Techniques at the Technical University of Kaunas (KTU) students from KTU Kaunas, FH-Dortmund and IMC Krems come together to create concepts and prototypes for VR or AR marketing games. Marketing is one of the most prominent application areas for Augmented and Virtual Reality application. And yet, especially for small enterprises and family businesses, it is very difficult to even judge how such techniques could be applied in their case, as this requires usually in depth technical knowledge. Within this block teaching unit students will apply their knowledge in their respective field to overcome this barrier and create concepts and early prototypes tailored to the needs and requirements of such companies. As the students cover a wide range of disciplines, from Management, Marketing, Project Management to different aspects of Computer Science and Software Engineering, the created concepts and prototypes will reflect this interdisciplinary approach. Besides a technical concept and prototype the students will also create a project plan, business model, marketing plan, etc. to fit the companies’ needs. This allows the companies to get a first „hands-on“ experience with new technologies and offers the students an interdisciplinary and international learning experience mirroring the needs of later employment.
If you are interested in participating and to find out whether you are eligible for funding, please contact us via this e-mail .


International Days at KU Leuven 



The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund was invited to attend a two-day workshop followed by an International Week in KU Leuven, the International Days 2017 at Technology Campus De Nayer, from the 13th till the 17th of March 2017. Students from Master Embedded Systems for Mechatronics, European Master in Project Management and the Master in Computer Science Programs (22 in total) participated in this event.
On the first day of the two-day workshop, March 13th, the students attended a workshop given by Prof. Dirk Van Merode, which included Advanced PCB design, VHDL-FPGA and the tools from Xilinx, and ARM Cortex M7 on STM Discovery. The students were given a tour on Campus and its laboratories, and were introduced to the different research projects currently held there. Afterwards, they were invited to attend a cultural event, a so-called cantus, which is typical for Belgium and was organized by the KU Leuven student fraternities. The Cantus mainly involves singing and drinking beer; the songs are from a book called the Codex, which contains anthems, and hundreds of songs in different languages, such as Dutch, French, German, etc. This experience was new to our international students and was very well accepted and enjoyed. On Tuesday, March 14th, Prof. Toon Goedemé gave a workshop in Face Detection and Object Tracking, which was later followed by a practical session in face detection using the Raspberry pi. In the evening, a guided tour through Mechelen was given by Prof. Peter Arras, which the students very much enjoyed.

On Wednesday, the International Days started. Speakers with expertise in different areas, technological and non-technological, like communication skills and innovation came from different parts of the world, like Portugal, Ukraine, United Kingdom. On this day, new trends in automotive industry were introduced, in addition to presenting the role of technology in the international leasing business. Followed by another lecture on the Revolutions in Artificial Intelligence. In the afternoon session, a lecture was given on Motor Management and Calibration, followed by a tour at the De Nayer Campus Test Center for Automotive Technology (ATC), where some tests were performed as a demonstration for the students.
Thursday started with a morning session on Python using Raspberry Pi. In the afternoon, sessions on Deep Learning and Deep Learning with Object Detection took place. Afterwards, the students were offered a guided tour in the Laboratoria De Nayer located on the Product Certification Center (PCC), where a wide range of multidisciplinary testing services are carried out, like Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), mechanical tests (vibration, shock,…), among others.
On Friday, a session on the problems and methods of technical and biomedical diagnosis was given, followed by a session on the potentials of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the opportunities and challenges that it poses. Afterwards, it was shown how to develop IoT applications based on the Raspberry Pi platform. Later that afternoon, students attended sessions in intercultural communication and innovation.
These sessions attended by the students of FH Dortmund belonged to a much broader offer of sessions at the International Week. This opportunity has given the students the chance to meet other students, researchers, and entrepreneurs with different expertise and to share their experiences and knowledge.


Student Exchange Winter Term 2016/2017 Experiences

Leuven was the perfect Study Abroad City

“In conclusion, I can say that the study abroad in Leuven was beyond my expectations. Even though, I had to deal with some problems related to accommodation, language and project, I believe that they all made me stronger and helped me to improve my skills while trying to find a solution. On the other hand, I had the chance to study in one of the best universities in Europe. Moreover, I led an engineering project within an international team consisting of diverse study backgrounds. Besides, I made a network from all around the world by meeting with new people not only from university, but also from companies by contacting possible sponsors for the project [I worked on]. Last but not least, I enjoyed my time with friends by going [on] trips, participating in university events and student organizations. Leuven was the perfect study abroad city by means of high percentage of the students in the city, weekly student events & parties and welcoming the international students.”
– Ilayda Ündar, EuroMPM student

Ecorace Challenge. (Courtesy of Ilayda Ündar)

Chance to meet and understand local Norwegians

“It took me not so long to integrate with Norwegian students as they were quite good in English- so there was not really a language barrier for non-Norwegian speaker! I participated in lot of student extracurricular activities organized by our department and program- PROMAN, European Students Networks which includes cabin trip, pub crawl parties, Jule board, Buddy Program meetings, etc. I also joined one of the largest global youth organization AIESEC, Trondheim chapter and participated in a 3-day annual conference at Bergen, Norway. Through these activities I got immense chance to meet and understand local Norwegians and tried to learn their culture and way of treating life in general.
On other side I was focused and determined to write a good quality specialization research project along with the right mix of specialization courses. The teaching method was quite interesting, as all classes were divided into different components from regular seminars to group assignment and guest speaker sessions.”
– Temoor Khan Khoso, EuroMPM student

I felt myself well-equiped for the Master Thesis and Business Life.

“Before going to Bilbao for a semester, I had some worries because I am already an international student and I got used to live and study in Germany. However, Bilbao was a different experience for my life since the culture and people’s perspective are entirely different. I could experience different lives through this project and it helped me decide in which culture I can work much better. […] I will be always open to work in different projects with the participation of people coming from different cultures. I really liked this experience and I feel myself well-equipped for the master thesis and business life.”
– Özgür Yasar, EuroMPM student

Northern Lights (Courtesy of Martin Brehmer)

I honestly did not expect such an individual support

“At first, the personal attachment to the supervisor surprised me. With such a large and prestigious university (Nobel prize 2014 in medicine) I honestly did not expect such an individual support. Especially since such a connection between professor and student in Germany is not usual. Especially the address of a professor in Norway is unusual for German conditions. Thus professors are addressed there with their first name. After my professor had drawn my attention to the upcoming conference PROFES2016, where he was one of the organizers, I placed myself as a volunteer. The volunteer team included some of his students as well as researchers from other countries. This resulted in a multicultural team responsible for the organization of the conference. Organizing the check-in of the researchers, greeting and participating in the get-together was part of the tasks. Through the participation I had the opportunity to talk with the authors of the paper and to listen to specialist lectures. The framework program has given me many insights into the scientific work, as well as the Norwegian life.”
– Kevin Schie, Computer Science student