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Student Exchange Winter Term 2016/2017

January 1, 2016 - January 1, 2017

Leuven was the perfect Study Abroad City

“In conclusion, I can say that the study abroad in Leuven was beyond my expectations. Even though, I had to deal with some problems related to accommodation, language and project, I believe that they all made me stronger and helped me to improve my skills while trying to find a solution. On the other hand, I had the chance to study in one of the best universities in Europe. Moreover, I led an engineering project within an international team consisting of diverse study backgrounds. Besides, I made a network from all around the world by meeting with new people not only from university, but also from companies by contacting possible sponsors for the project [I worked on]. Last but not least, I enjoyed my time with friends by going [on] trips, participating in university events and student organizations. Leuven was the perfect study abroad city by means of high percentage of the students in the city, weekly student events & parties and welcoming the international students.”
– Ilayda Ündar, EuroMPM student

Ecorace Challenge. (Courtesy of Ilayda Ündar)

Chance to meet and understand local Norwegians

“It took me not so long to integrate with Norwegian students as they were quite good in English- so there was not really a language barrier for non-Norwegian speaker! I participated in lot of student extracurricular activities organized by our department and program- PROMAN, European Students Networks which includes cabin trip, pub crawl parties, Jule board, Buddy Program meetings, etc. I also joined one of the largest global youth organization AIESEC, Trondheim chapter and participated in a 3-day annual conference at Bergen, Norway. Through these activities I got immense chance to meet and understand local Norwegians and tried to learn their culture and way of treating life in general.
On other side I was focused and determined to write a good quality specialization research project along with the right mix of specialization courses. The teaching method was quite interesting, as all classes were divided into different components from regular seminars to group assignment and guest speaker sessions.”
– Temoor Khan Khoso, EuroMPM student

I felt myself well-equiped for the Master Thesis and Business Life.

“Before going to Bilbao for a semester, I had some worries because I am already an international student and I got used to live and study in Germany. However, Bilbao was a different experience for my life since the culture and people’s perspective are entirely different. I could experience different lives through this project and it helped me decide in which culture I can work much better. […] I will be always open to work in different projects with the participation of people coming from different cultures. I really liked this experience and I feel myself well-equipped for the master thesis and business life.”
– Özgür Yasar, EuroMPM student

Northern Lights (Courtesy of Martin Brehmer)

I honestly did not expect such an individual support

“At first, the personal attachment to the supervisor surprised me. With such a large and prestigious university (Nobel prize 2014 in medicine) I honestly did not expect such an individual support. Especially since such a connection between professor and student in Germany is not usual. Especially the address of a professor in Norway is unusual for German conditions. Thus professors are addressed there with their first name. After my professor had drawn my attention to the upcoming conference PROFES2016, where he was one of the organizers, I placed myself as a volunteer. The volunteer team included some of his students as well as researchers from other countries. This resulted in a multicultural team responsible for the organization of the conference. Organizing the check-in of the researchers, greeting and participating in the get-together was part of the tasks. Through the participation I had the opportunity to talk with the authors of the paper and to listen to specialist lectures. The framework program has given me many insights into the scientific work, as well as the Norwegian life.”
– Kevin Schie, Computer Science student



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January 1, 2016
January 1, 2017


KU Leuven, NTNU Trondheim, UPV/ EHU Bilbao