Exciting news from KU Leuven’s partner university! From 13 to 17 March, an International Week was held with the motto “On the path towards energy-wisdom”.

During this week, 65 students, including 25 international students from Dortmund, Bilbao, Porto, Bolzano, and Udine, worked with real figures on energy production and consumption in seminars and assignments to gain a realistic overview of sustainable energy, projected energy shortages, and related problems. The aim of the block week was to develop a good understanding of numbers to have a voice in the debate based on science to lead to wise and sustainable energy policies.

In addition to gaining knowledge, students had an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other students and professors from different countries and universities in an international and multicultural environment.

At the same time, the Automotive Systems Block Week led by Björn Schäfer was held in Dortmund, covering the entire process of automotive system engineering from requirements elicitation to system qualification. The block week was attended by 11 international students from KU Leuven and UPV/EHU Bilbao.

We are proud to see students from different parts of the world coming together to learn and collaborate towards a sustainable future!

Photo from the Block Week on Automotive Systems